plant-based meat - the new big thing

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G Seetharaman
Editor, Economic Times
Restaurant menus in India have a ubiquitous red dot next to dishes containing meat, fish and egg, and a green dot against vegetarian food. To Abhishek Sinha, the red dot is the bad dot, given the harm meat causes animals and its impact on our environment and health. The green dot is the good one. That’s the logic behind the name of the startup he cofounded in 2016 — GoodDot Enterprises.

Udaipur-based GoodDot is betting on an idea popularised by US companies, particularly Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. The two California-based companies have tried to make alternatives to meat from proteins extracted from plants such as pea, wheat and potato. The flagship product for both companies is the burger patty (a substitute for beef). Beyond meat also sells plant-based pork sausages, chicken strips and beef crumble.

While there is a debate raging on whether these products that try to approximate the flavor and texture of meat can even be called meat, the market potential is beyond doubt.

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